Looking Hot Next Season

The next year is soon to be upon us and it’s imperative that you look your best for this upcoming season.

Fashion faux pas do not for a successful model make. Or something like that. (I’m trying to sound wise here, help me out.)

So, what can you do to ensure that you’ll be ready? First of all, you should be watching the fashion channel on TV. Aside from watching the fashion channel, make sure to review the styles that graced the runway during fashion week. Believe it or not, you just glimpsed the future.

You should also be reviewing a lot more fashion magazines as well. December is generally the time of year that many publishers begin to make their predictions for the upcoming year. You’ll also get an idea of what that particular magazine looks for in its models and the type of content they’ll publish.

Stay tuned for some more fashion tips for going into the New Year.

Brief Hiatus Over

I know you’ve been sad to see that Another Model Resource underwent a hiatus, but don’t worry, things are grinding back up to normal as we usher in the new year. Much restructuring has been done and new bloggers are being considered. (By the way, if you enjoy fashion, the modeling industry, and writing, consider being an AMR blogger.)

If there’s any topics you’d like to see discussed or if you want to tip us off to any modeling news, please get in touch. Have a happy holiday season and a beautiful new year.

Naomi’s Past Will Come Back to Haunt Her

Naomi Campbell It seems that Naomi Campbell will receive no love when it comes to dredging up her past offenses against her various employees. In a recent ruling, the judge has said that it’s alright to bring in the testimony of Naomi’s past workers because it would be revelant to the case. (Yea, even we — not lawyers — could see how it’d be relevant.) Read the details »

Yannick Lord Model Search

While we’re not particularly inclined to trust anything that we read or see on MySpace, Yannick is seeking some models for an upcoming shoot. Read the details, contact if you’re interested, but please make sure to do your due diligence first. We don’t want a repeat of some random MySpace tragedy…

New upcoming fashion house out of LA – Rocket Baby (R.I.B Wear) – is looking for models of all ethnicities for initial shoots and possibly ongoing work. First shoots will be TFCD/TFP and used on the main company site, possibly some print, and promotional material. High potential for paid future shoots, and spokes models roles.

The lines will be couture and casual, raceway inspired outfits; targeting a high glam/high fashion market. Currently tying in celebrity endorsement and getting ready to launch.

Model Search (LA)

Naomi Campbell’s On a Mission

Naomi Campbell It was revealed that super model Naomi Campbell plans to open a modeling agency in her home town (Kenya) in an attempt to right the balance of black to white models in the industry.

She declared her disdain for the practice of selecting white models over black models for various magazine covers. It’s almost as if the double standard for black models still exists in this day and age and Naomi believes that black beauty has been sidelined in the fashion industry. Get the deatails »

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