Become The Next Video Game Modeling Diva

Sony Entertainment is looking for their next Antonia. The contest is about finding just the right girl to portray their sexy vixen video game character.

The winning model will receive a spread in Stuff Magazine, a $10,000 modeling contract, and a 1 year subscription to Stuff Magazine.

If you’re 21 and over, have a penchant for video games (or just want to play a video game dame), and live in the United States, head over the official website, read the rules and enter.

2 Comments on Become The Next Video Game Modeling Diva

  1. sheila ayotte Says:

    hi my name is sheila. im a up coming model who does some work. so i looking around for some kind of contest to enter in just so i could get my name out there. so i came across this one for a vedio game! which would be perfit for me cause i love to play games and just watch my friends play them. and everytime i would play i would be thinking how cool would that be to really be in one?! so here ima try to see if i got the look you are going for?! i would send you a picture but i didnt see a link so i guess you could write me back on my e-mail i would love to give you guys a photo or you could check my myspace thank you for your time hopefully to here from you guys soon……………………*she

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Hello Sheila,
    This website is not a modeling agency and were not the ones responsible for this contest; we simply got the word out about it. The contest was two years ago and has since finished. If you’d like to find out if there are any upcoming contests along the same lines, you may want to contact Sony or follow the link above and click around the website.

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