Agency Desires Change From Season To Season

What the agencies are looking for varies from season to season and for many different reasons. If you don’t feel you have the look today, you may be surprised to find you have the look tomorrow, so it’s always important to remember — if this is your dream, never give up and have confidence in yourself. You may end up being the next Ashton Kutcher (or his female counterpart):

Over the years, Mary and Jeff have discovered exactly what their agency friends are looking for. But, like everything else in the topsy-turvy world of fashion, those sought-after looks can change from season to season.

“September 11th changed what advertisers were willing to pay for,” Jeff explains. “Before that, it was funky, weird, exotic, especially for editorial.”

Now, he and his wife say, looks are more mainstream and white-washed.

“They’re more handsome or pretty with an edge or twist, with really full lips and high foreheads,” Mary says.

The prime age for girls is between 13 and 22. For guys, age skews a bit older; guys between 17 and 25.

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