It’s Nice To Know Someone Cares About Our Teens

When I flip on the television or open a magazine I see sex appeal. Sometimes in gaudy amounts, and sometimes it makes me wince, and I’m no prude.

Sometimes I wonder what the industry is thinking as the level of sexually provocative and suggestive material is published each day and it seems to get worse with each passing year. Soon we’ll be selling magazines with cover models wearing little more than two pieces of string and a patch as if it were nothing.

It’s nice to know that we do have some people in the industry looking out for what our teens read and absorb. AgapePress has a nice interview with the editorial director Jana Pettey of Justine magazine.

Q: After reading an issue of Justine, what do you hope the readers take with them?

A: I hope she feels good about herself. I hope that she doesn’t feel like that she’s always having to compare herself to someone else [and] that we are providing things in Justine that make her feel good about the person that she is.

Sounds like a good answer to me – head over there and have a read, you may learn something new and interesting and possibly something that can help your career in the long run.

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