Kate Moss, What Were You Thinking

Kate Moss has checked into The Meadows (a rehab located in Arizona). It’s being said that she was abusing illegal narcotics, the length of time is unclear.

The police raided a studio where she supposedly participated in drug abuse while she is away getting treatment.

From a career standpoint, abusing drugs is one of the worse things a model can do (although it happens far more than we think). Drugs can do many things to a model, to include deteriorate her looks which is the foundation of most models’ careers as well as mental faculties.

I truly hope that the models out there who look up to her wake up, smell the coffee, and learn from her mistakes.

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    […] the recent flurry of news over the Kate Moss drug scandal, Naomi Campbell felt compelled to defend her, although Naomi has issues of her own – but […]

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