Epitome Models 2005 International Fashion Model Search

Alexandria Levingston’s Epitome Models story is a truly inspiring one and shows the true potential in having a dream and following through with it. Now, she is hosting the Epitome Models 2005 International Fashion Model Search.

Whilst Alexandria is always looking for the next great face of fashion, she has a very specific idea of what the next Epitome model will exemplify. For a model to be considered, Alexandria looks at everything from hair, skin, nails, teeth and figure to being well versed and articulate. Chosen models are often sent abroad to strengthen their books and develop skills. [continue reading Alexandria’s story]

The model search contestants have a chance to win a $100,000 modeling contract, become a spokesmodel for Jahkur fragrance, be featured on Seventeen magazine’s Check It Out promotional listings, and a 7 day all expenses paid vacation to Kauai (think you need a vacation yet?).

If you’re a girl between 14-22 years of age, and think you may be what Epitome Models is looking for, take a moment to enter the model search.

6 Comments on Epitome Models 2005 International Fashion Model Search

  1. celey rodriguez Says:

    i entered the model search n i supposedly got picked but it was totally bogus cus after they said i was going to LA and all i never heard from them again ..shame on them.

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Celey. Hopefully no one else has had any problems with this model search.

    But, as with all model searches and agencies, you’ll need to do your due diligence.

  3. Susan A Says:

    I went to their site and it is now called epitome management, I heard that the owner Alexandria Levingston is not a good business woman, she talks a good business but never do anything, I also heard she was supposed to give another event at some studios in Burbank call Constellation Studios and there was celebrity attendees and she could not put it on because her business was not good and she lies alot. My mom hates this agency.

  4. Solet Roberto Says:

    I really hate it when people post comments of things that they heard! Why? because it’s just that ….what you heard. I happen to know first hand that the owner of Epitome was asked to participate in the celebrity event. The actual host of the event was Damion Hall of the R & B group Guy and another company Extraordinary Concepts out of Washington, DC. The event was actually postponed due to the building not meeting with inspection. I was hired by Mr. Hall to participate as well and I happen to know several other individuals who were involved and worked very hard to bring this event to fruition. It’s truly unfortunate!

  5. Tonya Says:

    That’s sad others had problems. My experience with Epitome has been nothing but good. And my mom love’s this Agency. Alex is very hands on and really cares about us as clients. I’m focusing on my education currently, but as soon as I graduate I plan to resign with Epitome Model Management now known as Epitome Management.

  6. Another Model Resource Says:

    I assume you meant reside with them instead of resign. As it stands now, it appears that you plan to leave them when you finish school, but it sounds as though you like them, which would lead to the question: why leave?

    The fact is that people will inevitably have differing experiences with individuals and companies. There is nothing anyone can do about it. A couple people had a bad experience with the company and felt like sharing their warnings, there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thank you for taking the time to share your own experience, which I hope helps others who come across this entry.

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