Let’s Be Real For A Moment

Let me be frank for a moment. We are responsible for our self and our own actions. If we do something we know is wrong, we must accept the unpleasant consequences as we would accept the pleasant consequences when we do something right.

With the recent flurry of news over the Kate Moss drug scandal, Naomi Campbell felt compelled to defend her, although Naomi has issues of her own – but that’s another entry for another day. Naomi says:

“Kate Moss is my friend … I think it’s like everybody is being bad to her,” … “It’s not the first time it has happened in the world …”

[Source USAToday]

Kate Moss has done something wrong and she is now suffering the unpleasant consequences of her action. No one is “being bad to her” – however, she can’t sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened.

It doesn’t matter if she’s not the only one in the world who has done it, they will have to deal with their own negative repercussions, right now, Kate must deal with her own. Being famous or well known does not make you automatically exempt from dealing with negative consequences.

It does not mean she is a bad person – I don’t know her personally – however, it just means that she must pay for her mistake.

It’s reported that she’s lost three modeling contracts due to these drug allegations and checking into a rehab clinic, but this is bad PR, not only for her, but for the modeling agencies and their clients.

This goes back to the basic principle of – learn from your mistakes. This is certainly not the end of the world for Kate. Life has a way of working itself out.

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