Apparently Imitation Is Still The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Well, it seems that a full blown trend is about to start here. I mentioned it yesterday, but when I saw a new show being promoted called Africa’s Next Super Model, it seemed like deja vu.

This one is a little more obvious though – change the words Africa to America and Super to Top and you have the same show.

Africa’s Next Supermodel TV show is an exciting Reality TV show from Beauties of Africa Inc. that is expected to be broadcast in Europe, The United States and Africa to a Global Audience of millions viewers every week. For the first time Black and African models will be taking part in a TV reality show…
[Africa’s Next Super Model]

While America’s Next Top Model isn’t exclusive to only black women, they certainly have no restrictions against it, but then again – it’s America’s Next Top Model, not Africa’s. I guess I’m happy in a way because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it means ANTM has really hit the big time.

Now I’ll finish up my small rant and let you all know that they are currently looking for models to participate in their program.

The Global search for Africa’s next Supermodel ™ has officially begun, and we are looking for the next Black Super Model, castings and auditions will be held in different locations in Africa Europe and the United States to enable as many contestants the chance to participate in the Global search, we have agents in some countries and in others we will conduct open auditions and castings, the search involves a global audition and casting process involving agent in many different countries in the world.
[Africa’s Next Super Model]

If you think you have what it takes to become Africa’s Next Super Model, are between 16-26 years old and at least one black parent, then you can fill out their entry form and send it in (they’ll even pay to have you go to Europe for the duration of the show).

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