Another Fashion & Beauty Reality Show

It seems that Janice Dickinson will be making a splash again starting next year.

Freemantle Media has been commissioned to help create a fashion/beauty reality series that follows Janice Dickinson as she creates her own Hollywood modelling agency. The series is set to debut sometime this year.

The 10-episode series from Krasnow Productions and FremantleMedia North America offers viewers an intimate view into Dickinsonís life as she tackles the gruelling work of starting her own business and teaching a new generation of aspiring models the business from the ground up.

Viewers watch as Dickinson juggles motherhood, champions her new models, and tries to run a profitable agency, all while dealing with skepticism from the industry she helped to define. The show goes beyond Dickinsonís runway persona to show a woman on the verge of a new phase in her career and determined to redefine American beauty.

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Sure Janice is outrageous, and loud, and zany, but I hardly believe she’s the “quintessential Oxygen personality.”

Personally, after seeing her display on the Surreal Life (and a few displays on ANTM), I have to wonder if all of Janice’s sense is firmly intact.

Hopefully this show doesn’t turn into a spectacle because Oxygen is a great network and has already set such a high standard for women everywhere.

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3 Comments on Another Fashion & Beauty Reality Show

  1. Christina Jones Says:

    Boy do I agree about Janice Dickinson’s sense. I am glad to hear someone besides me questioning it. I thought I was the only one. It might be all that lip collagen and botox that has affected her…ya think? :)

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    It’s not just you Christina. I believe anyone who has eyes and ears who happened to catch just one episode of the Surreal Life is questioning Janice’s sense.

    I personally think she was far gone well before the collagen and botox…it’s probably what caused her to get it done.

    But heh, that’s just my opinion.

  3. Christina Jones Says:

    Did you see the post about her (well, about Tyra Banks, really, on Too funny. I think they have just the same opinion…

    And I am sure you are probably right about the collagen/botox. :)

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