8th & Ocean – A New Obsession In The Making

Just caught MTV’s new show called 8th & Ocean and it looks like it’s going to be *ouch* HOT.

I missed the initial premier of the show (oops…didn’t even have it written in my planner), but luckily MTV understands people can be absent minded and they are showing it about a billion more times over the next few days.

Normally I’m not keen on ripoff shows trying to capitalize on an already good thing, but 8th & Ocean looks as though it will be different. It shows you exactly what a day in the modeling industry is like with only a little glitzy sugarcoating.

When Irene told Sabrina that when she’s being paid as a model, she is supposed to know what to do, I wanted to give Irene a standing ovation.

People – modeling is harsh. The only way to succeed in the industry is to learn this lesson, learn it quickly, and get over it.

But damn, it’s nothing to cry about. It really isn’t personal. It may seem like the epitome of a personal attack when you get rejected, but it’s really not – it’s about the business and what’s good for their business.

Now, about those models…

So far, the only guy I’m digging is Vinci. If it was a competition, he’d probably win on straight looks alone. Adrian and Teddy look a little too feminine for my personal tastes, and Sean just looks a little too sweet and childlike. I guess I’m just a manly man kind of girl.

Sabrina needs to grow a thicker skin if she wants to make it and take the advice given to her as that, advice.

I’m still out to lunch on Kelly. Nothing about her personality particularly stood out for me, aside from her liking to gloat.

Britt is adorable in every respect of the word – from her sweet wholesome attitude to her big doe eyes and her perfect Pepsodent smile.

I’m a little upset that we didn’t get to see more of the other models. This episode just focused on about five models (Adrian, Britt, Kelly, Sabrina, and Sean) – sure we caught glimpses of the other models, but I would have liked to get to know their on camera personalities a little better. I guess that’s what the rest of the season is for.

I do have another gripe with the show – what’s up with the camera shaking? Sure, it was cute the first few seconds, but after fifteen minutes it’s just straight up annoying. If I wasn’t epileptic before, I am now. MTV, hire better cameramen.

Hopefully they fix that jiggly camera issue before next week. In any event, watch it, learn from it, prepare yourself for the modeling world.

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