Shut Up And Model

One Model Place is holding a Shut Up and Model contest to select the one lucky (and talented model) to win $25,000. This is an opportunity for you to be on t.v., gain exposure, and possibly win lots of cash and prizes.

It starts with 30 qualifying participants for the first competition with 6 contestants chosen per episode (12 episodes) and then 12 semi-finalists are chosen for the final episode – soon only one model is left to take home the loot.

2 Comments on Shut Up And Model

  1. Ashley Says:

    My name is Ashley Tomlin and i’m 17 years old. My dream s to become a model. I have always had big dreams and am always looking for ways to accomplish my goals in life.

  2. Christine Says:

    Heyy my name is Christine, and im 16. I have been doing local modeling for over 2 years. I realllyyy would like to spread out more, but its hard since I live in the boondocks [Vermont]. Im positive that if i was able to get myself out there, then I would make it in the modeling world.
    Christine Martel

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