Susan J. Talent, Now In Los Angeles

In a recent press release, the Toronto based model management company Susan J. Talent announced that it has expanded its offices into the Los Angeles, CA area.

Concluding Susan J. stated, “Opening this Los Angeles office is a bit like starting-over. I just felt very strongly that it was time to
expand in the American market. This new branch will not only bring about great new clients but truly help my present clients reach their full-potential. ”

Susan J. Talent Press Release

The agency isn’t exclusive to models, it will also represent — as if you couldn’t guess from its name — various talent including actors and singers. This may be a good opportunity for all you multi-talented models out there.

* The L.A. branch will not be accepting models. (Please see first comment below.)

2 Comments on Susan J. Talent, Now In Los Angeles

  1. Anne Howard Says:

    Hi, I wanted to clarify something. The L.A. agency will not represent models but only actors, musicians and writers. The Toronto branch will continue to accept new models but not L.A.
    Thank you,
    Anne Howard

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Hello Anne,
    Thank you for coming by and clarifying. I’ll update the entry with a note to that effect.

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