Bare Minerals Makeup Review

Bare Minerals Website You’ve seen the late night infomercials and, possibly, heard some women chanting the “swirl, tap, buff” mantra behind closed bathroom doors before hitting the runway, and in the back of your mind, you wonder — does it actually work.

In case you have no idea what I’m referring to, it’s Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals. If you haven’t heard about it by now, then you’re not staying up late enough.

Convincing Claims

In a moment of weakness just over 6 months ago, I decided to plunk down the cash to take these minerals for a whirl. I’m the avoid makeup unless absolutely necessary type, however, my complexion is less than perfect. So, to look reasonably attractive while trotting around town, makeup is a necessary evil.

Bare Minerals looked as though it would be a happy medium for the happy to be natural and the reality check girls in me.

  • Lightweight and sheer for a natural look
  • Easy blending for various skin tones
  • Natural ingredients
  • SPF 15
  • Quick application

That’s all I needed to hear (about a hundred times first).

What You Get

I was so thrilled that I almost mauled the postman on arrival. Tearing into the box revealed a nice set of surprises, which may have changed since I received mine:

Playing Dress Up

Mineral make up was foreign territory for me; that prompted me to actually read the instructions before using it. Hmmm, I believe that was the first time I realized makeup actually came with instructions.

Bare Minerals Collage

The included DVD was a nice touch because it went through the entire application process using various women to divulge their own mineral makeup secrets. Once you have the basic instructions down (swirl, tap, buff), it’s quite easy to use your face as a playground.

One fault I did have with the DVD, however, is that it’s basically just the instructions wrapped in a long advertisement for the other mineral makeup products. A few times I caught myself feeling sad because I didn’t have most of the products mentioned in some of the women’s tips. At one point, they plugged their other products so many times, it almost made me wonder if the company was hard up for cash.

All of that aside, I was able to get myself all dolled up in about 10 minutes. I went to check my face in the bathroom mirror — did I forget to mention that I applied it all without a mirror? – and amazingly enough, it worked; it looked as though I wasn’t wearing makeup, yet had pretty skin.

An Elite Member of the Pretty Party and Other Happy Side Effects

Even without all of the additional products touted in the DVD, I was able to wow family, friends, and complete strangers alike. It was official, I had finally become an elite member of the pretty party without looking made up. In fact, most people thought I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. The one compliment I received above all else? How beautiful my skin was. (If only they all knew…)

Another claim is that Bare Minerals is so lightweight, you can sleep in it without ill effects. Well, that was put to the test — unintentionally, of course — and I can say it’s true. After the number of power naps I’ve taken with a full spread of this stuff, I’m surprised my face hasn’t turned into a pizzeria. (Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend that you make a habit of it though.)

Bare Minerals foundation size comparison to quarter The makeup arrives in tiny jars, but a little does go a long way (though the same can’t be said for the mineral veil — more on that coming up). It’s taken nearly three months to finally deplete “my color” and I still haven’t even made a dent in the Warmth despite regular use. To say the value of the cover up has surprised me would be an understatement.

As if being a member of the pretty party wasn’t enough, the mineral makeup actually went a step further to help improve the overall health and tone of my skin. It didn’t happen overnight, although it seems like it, but one morning I caught a glimpse of my skin before applying the makeup and had to say “damn, my skin looks good.”

The “When It Rains, It Pours” Reality Check

At an early age, we learn that nothing is without its faults, and Bare Minerals is no exception — the main one being how messy it is to use. Most of the mess could probably be avoided if the jars were wider; wide enough to fit the full spread of the flawless finish brush. But, until that day comes, be prepared to use extra care when applying it or possibly change your shirt.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll need a bit of super glue if you want your flawless face brush to hold itself together. One would think that a $22 brush could at least hold up for a few months, but it’s really a hit or miss — if you have your own set of high quality professional brushes, go with that.

Set aside a small investment fund for the mineral veil finishing powder because it goes twice as quickly as the foundation. This is because you can and are supposed to be much more liberal with its application and the number of holes in the jar is unforgiving in that regard. You try to tap out an anthill, but get a mountain instead.

If you’re heading out for a night on the town or a day at the beach, don’t even think about glistening (and by “glistening”, I mean sweating). Your flawless face will streak at the first sign of liquid and that will surely give away your secret — or make you look like you have some rare and troublesome skin disorder. And snuggling up to anyone is out of the question unless you want him (or her) to be wearing your foundation too.

The Final Word on Bare Minerals

It should be no secret that I truly love bare minerals, however, there certainly is room for improvement. In a perfect world, Bare Minerals would be waterproof (or, at least, water resistant), wouldn’t rub off on anything or anyone, and wouldn’t be so messy.

But, this isn’t a perfect world yet, so we need to make due with what we’ve got and with Bare Minerals, we’ve got a lot. Bare Minerals definitely gets a thumbs up if you’re someone who prefers the natural look (i.e. like you’re not wearing makeup at all), or if you have sensitive skin.

26 Comments on Bare Minerals Makeup Review

  1. 7 Common Sense Skin Care Tips for Summer - Another Model Resource Says:

    […] lightweight make up. Whenever possible, avoid caking it on — you may even want to give bare minerals a shot — and when you’re done with your day (or night) on the town, wash it off and […]

  2. Chandra Says:

    I’ve been using Bare Minerals for a year now and I LOVE IT! This stuff really is great and great for your skin. I thought your review was pretty funny, but true. For anyone thinking of trying these, I say go for it!

  3. Elisa G. Says:

    I’m a new mineral make up user, but I have to admit it’s pretty good. I recommend that you go to a store and find your color first, though, because the ones I got sent didn’t match my skin well. The store I went to helped me to find the right colors to blend and taught me how to do it myself. Once you try this, you don’t go back to regular make up.

  4. Allison Says:

    You have made some really great points here. I have been using BM for less than a month but agree with a lot of what you have to say. The waterproof would be be great because I love in Oregon but that night defeat the purpose of it. Maybe offering a travel size for touch ups. Also, I have very dark circles and use the bisque and well-rested, but still cant cover-up all of the dark. I wonder if they have thought of improving the concealer method.

  5. kitty Says:

    Still waiting to maul the mailman for mine but my friend who recommended it looks fantastic!

  6. Holly Says:

    I’ve been using Bare Minerals now for several years. I absolutely love it, but I find that the coverage is NOT as good as the company advertises. The Kabuki brush definately improves coverage, but I would really love to know how BM covers up freckles on their infomercial. I do find that the BM brushes are the absolute best, have lasted for years, are soft and very luxurious and definately improve the overall experience. My favorite part? three minutes start to finish unless I get fancy on my eyes for a night out. The all over face colors are FANTASTIC,,,my favorites are warmth and glee. Try it, you’ll love it.

  7. Kristi Says:

    I am condering purchasing Bare Minerals. I have really dark circles and understand from many reviews that their concealer does not cover dark circles well. Can you use other concealors? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. Samantha Says:

    Hello, i found your review to be very good but i found some cinks in it. The brushes have lasted me and as for streaking or rubbing off minerals i always use the veil first and last which soaks up any oil or sweat that i may have during the day i have never had streakyness. Also you need to put alot of the bm for it to rub off on clothing. Overall it was good my makeup has lasted me over 2 years so i hope everyone atleast trys bm its great a perfect makeup.

  9. Another Model Resource Says:

    Hi Samantha,
    This was a personal review of the product and everyone’s experience is likely to be different. While you may not have had streaking or the make up rubbing off, you likely didn’t need to use that much to begin with.

    Some women will require much more coverage due to skin imperfections. Also, some women work in the sun during the day or sweat more than others. And finally, in the darker shades, the color becomes more visible when it rubs off on clothing.

    I was probably dealt a bad hand with my brush, but it was something to note because I’m not the only one who had the same problem (a close friend also had her brush come apart on her).

    These are all factors to consider before you call them “kinks”. Glad you liked the review, though.

  10. samlynn Says:

    I am going to be purchasing BM, but I do have one question. I dont have a Bare Minerals store around here so I will be purchasing the product from the website. What would be the best way to know that I will get a color that will perfectly match my skin tone.

  11. Suzann Says:

    Love your review – I use Bare Minerals and found your comments to be right on, especially about the Mineral Veil. I like Mineral Veil, but it gets used up so fast that now I use a regular finishing powder and that sets the makeup very well. About the brushes: I’ve absolutely switched to non-animal hair brushes. For me, they don’t shed or fall apart as much as animal hair brushes; they’re just as soft; and (my favorite part) they are cruelty-free. I got a synthetic kabuki brush that I just love.

  12. Suzann Says:

    Hi again. I forgot to mention: for samlynn. If you buy your minerals from a website, just make sure they will take returns. (I think Sephora takes returns.) That way if you get the wrong color, you’re only out the postage and you can try another color. Also, some websites have “live” beauty advisors you can “talk” to in real time.

    I do have a portfolio website – it’s Hope it’s okay that I put the URL there. If not, I apologize.

  13. ALEX Says:

    a ya i tried bare minerals the worst mistake of my life! people said i looked like
    a clown other people who i have known for years did not even recognize me!

  14. Yesenia Says:

    I used BM for about 6 months and it was horrible. I didn’t like it and it seems to make you look older (the make is probably good for women over 50).

  15. Domonique Says:

    I was very disappointed with this product :( I was looking for a natural foundation for my acne but it does not cover my acne and I would not recommend it for fair skin either their lightest shade is far to dark for my skin so I couldn’t just put a little more on my blemishes with out having dark patches everywhere. I feel I gave this product a fair trial I wore it for several months.

  16. Avis Grant Says:

    Several women have commented that bM is too messy, powder all over the place. I store all my bM products in a plastic box (a shoe box to be exact). When ready to put on my make up, I simply place the lid with the edges up, on my counter, open my bM jar ON the lid also placing the brushes ON the lid as I use them. When finished, all the powder falls into the shoe box when return the lid to the shoe box. No fuss, no mess ! SECRETLY: On occasion, I clean out the shoe box…..( on a Saturday if I am staying home, I actually dip my brushes into this mixture of colors and have a pouporri on my face just for fun !) I do not like to waste this product !

  17. Jamie Says:

    There are a lot of mineral makeup companies with products that are superior to Bare minerals. They’re just the “household name” that everyone associates with mineral makeup. For example, I wear PurelyCosmetics (; you DON’T need to wear a mineral veil with their makeup, it provides full coverage (and doesn’t wipe off onto your white shirt), and i don’t show streaks when glistening (I love the way you phrased that). I think it’s the bismuth in Bare Minerals that’s the problem. Purely Cosmetics has no fillers like bismuth or silicone derivitaves (clogs your pores), or cancer causing parabens. Their brushes are good quality, and their kits are customizeable to only the colors you choose. A full sized foundation is only $18; the most expensive kit they have is around $85, and doesn’t give you trial sizes inside it like BM.

    As for the messy part, I buy a box of wax paper hamburger patty sheets (1000 sheets is under $5), and use a fresh sheet each time I apply my makeup. Keeps your bathroom much cleaner.

  18. cashauna Says:

    I’m Afro-American and to say the least finding a good color foundation is challenging. Bare Minerals is the real deal for women like us too.

  19. anita Says:

    Thanks Cashauna for the BM comment for women of color. I have been looking for a good foundation for years without luck. My girlfriend has tried BM and has flawless skin!! She gets compliments everywhere she goes. Good Bye MK, EL,and M-C…BM here I come. I’ll test out the colors at the BM boutique.

  20. Alene Says:

    I purchased Bare Minerals and have to say i am very dissappointed. The advertisement claims the product does not accentuate wrinkles and pores but it does. It’s no better than any other foundation i have used. It comes off easily as well. Again, not like the add claims when they dip their hand in water and product stays on! Only decent thing is the brushes.

  21. Ally Says:

    Bare minerals IS what it’s all cracked up to be. Not only does it cover all of my discoloration and blemishes, but it doesn’t look caked on. I was concerned about an allergic reaction, but I guess that is only for unly sensitive skin, because my skin is in tack. I would reccomend bare minerals for anyone who wants a fresh, effortless look without having to break the bank.

  22. Amber Says:

    I just got my bare mineral makeup a couple days ago. It does not cover my dark circles like they said it would I don’t know what to do.

  23. Shannon Says:

    I just wore my BM makeup today for the first time and I’m extremely impressed with my results. I tried putting a little of it on a few days ago just to get a glimpse into what it would look like…. and was dissapointed. I didn’t find the coverage good at all and I also didn’t find it stayed on well. Today I actually went all out and started with a fresh face. I put on my face lotion that I always wear and then began applying the makeup. The difference was amazing! The powder actually stuck to my skin and it looked just awesome! I can’t even begin to tell you how good it looked once I was done using the warmth and mineral veil. My dentist actually complimented me and asked if I had been to the beach because I had that tanned look. (I haven’t been to the beach in over a year!!) I’m a user for life!! Just a tip to the ladies who say it’s not covering well… try putting on a face lotion first, let it dry for a minute or so, then apply the makeup- it works wonders!

  24. Diane Says:

    For the messy part, simply keep a hand towel in your makeup drawer, spread that out on the table and the mess is contained on the towel. After so long, simply throw the towel in the wash. Easy! Same for traveling, just use the hotel towel.

  25. Kimmie Says:

    I just bought bare minerals at sephora and found that it makes a BIG difference to my skin’s appearance. As a woman of colour, I hardly find makeup to fit me, and even the bare minerals kit does not have my skin tone. However, having the demo done at sephora I was able to get the correct match for my medium dark skin. I love the well rested which brightens around my eyes and even tho it does not remove the bags, it does a grat job of taking attention away from the imperfections.

    As for the sweating, i live in Jamaica and it gets hot and I do not sweat “prettily”, but I have not had the streaking that I used to have with liquid/cream foundations and have little to no rubbing off of colour on my clothes. Even in humid New York on my current visit, I still look GREAT. So far I would recommend the investment…

  26. Tanya Says:

    Im dying to try BM I’m women of color. I have dark blemishes due to acne scars. I heard that BM is great for my acne problems (help clear blemishes and even skin tone), does anyone know of this being true?

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