A Pirate (Named Heidi Klum) Invades Germany’s Next Top Model

Everyone needs a laugh occasionally…

Heidi Klum in black lace eye patch Heidi Klum, because of a rampant eye infection that I speculate consumed half of her face, decided that she would rock a ladies’ undergarment as an eye patch, which was kindly pointed out by an anonymous commentator.

(Now that I look at it, it does kinda look like my black Vickies.)

Pirates everywhere are now ashamed to continue calling themselves pirates.

Head over to Us Magazine and cast your vote in the Heidi’s Eye For Fashion poll.

4 Comments on A Pirate (Named Heidi Klum) Invades Germany’s Next Top Model

  1. JerzeyGirl Says:

    Wut wuz she thinking????? That thing is UGLY.

  2. Priscilla Jerrod Says:

    OMG, did she really do her show like that? I hope not.

  3. ILoveHeidi Says:

    You guys really need to stop hatin’. How would you like it if you had an eye infecion and had to wear that over your eye? You wouldn’t want people to make fun of you, would you? I didn’t think so.

  4. M Says:

    ILoveHeidi, are you smoking crack? They make other kinds of eye covers. She didn’t *have* to wear that thing.

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