Are Your Curves In All The Right Places? Then Why Not Enter To Be The Next Model of The Month?

Embrace your beautiful diva-ness by entering to become the next curvy model of the month[1] at Venus Divas. Not only is it an opportunity to get your name and face out there, it’s also an opportunity to let the world know that small models aren’t the only models.

You’ll need to create an online portfolio in order to participate and the contest ends on the 5th of every month. Head over there now and don’t miss your oppotunity.

[1] – The original link returns a page not found error, so the link has been updated to point to the Venus Diva Models homepage. You will need to contact them if you have any questions about future plus size modeling contests.

6 Comments on Are Your Curves In All The Right Places? Then Why Not Enter To Be The Next Model of The Month?

  1. Nakita Says:

    Please contact me with details
    Nakita Vassallo

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Hi Nakita,
    You’ll need to contact the sponsors of the model search at Venus Divas – Another Model Resource is not the sponsor for this event.

  3. lucienne oracius Says:

    i really am interested in becoming a plus size model and so is my sister we are both very nice looking plus size woman and we enjoy living it

  4. Stacey... Says:

    Hi, I am 16 years old. and live in Canada, Alberta.But i am willing to travel. I have always dreamed about being a model but i never really put to much thought into it becuse i have always been a littel bigger. But then i herd about plus size modeling and I thought to myself this would be the perfect opurtunity to do what i have always dreamed about doing. I have just now relized that i shoulent let my weight stop me from becoming who and what i want to be. I have had no experice in modeling but i am willing to work as hard as i can to becoming who and what it takes to be a model. So if you are the one that is willing to give me a shot at my dream email me and i can email you some pictures.Thank you!!

  5. shirley Says:

    hi, my name is shirley and i have dream to be a model since i was little. all my friends says i should be a model becuase am tall and i have the figure. well i am a size 6 but i can fit into a US size 0 clothes. so please contact me with details of how to enter your modeling thing. thank you.

  6. tania williams Says:

    hi my name is tania and i always wanted to be amodel,since i was not never smaller then some of the model’s i seen then i thought i couldn’t do it but since i got older i see that u can be anything u want to be.and i look good no matter what my size is.i think that i can do the same as a smaller person can do and i’m not scared to show it.

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