The Shocking Has Happened, Kate Moss Announces Fashion Line

Kate Moss Topshop Last year, we mentioned that Kate Moss was working on her fashion line, and it seems that she made good on the claims when she unveiled her new line at a London boutique on Tuesday.

Kate Moss had a rough year last year with all of those drug use allegations flying around, not to mention her checking into rehab. Things certainly seem to be turning around for the waif-thin model with this new success, but it begs the question: how long will it last?

Many US papers and magazines ragged on the line, claiming that it’s unoriginal, however, teenage girls everywhere have already spoken by stalking the UK Topshop store and possibly gouging each others’ eyes out to get the last pair of their favorite skinny jeans before someone else.

I’m really loving the Antique Coin Jersey Waistcoat, but I can see why it may be construed as unoriginal. But, there’s another, possibly more serious, issue at hand.

Moss’ new clothing line contained a range of items such as vests, t-shirts, mini-dresses, and skinny jeans. Moss contributed vastly to the success of the first design of so called skinny jeans. The jeans are made of stretch denim; have abnormally “skinny legs” reportedly fitting so tightly they embody a “sprayed on look”. Critics so far have only taken aim at Moss’ designs lack of originality but it is just a matter of time before the question of “How many girls will starve themselves to fit into Kate Moss’ skinny jeans?” is posed.

Bringing Heroin Chic Style to the Masses: Kate Moss Unveils New Clothing Line

I sincerely hope that this heroin chic clothing line doesn’t have a negative impact on a more robust model’s self image. There are many flavors to women in modeling, while the ideal should be the healthy embodiment of slender curves (you know, how a women naturally looks) that can wear clothing well.

5 Comments on The Shocking Has Happened, Kate Moss Announces Fashion Line

  1. Kiki Says:

    Do u guyz hate Kate or sumthin?

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    No, Kiki.

    We may not think she’s the best role model for young girls, but we certainly don’t hate her. Actually, we’re proud and happy to see that she’s getting her act together. Hopefully others can learn from her mistake and follow the example she’s setting.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. P2Mimmi Says:

    Her clothes are HOTT!!!! Love it!! and I love your KATE! Keep up the good works.

  4. JerzeyGirl Says:

    Where can I find the clothes??????

  5. Another Model Resource Says:

    Folks in the US will have to wait a little longer (or hunt down their favorite garments on the eBay site), JerzeyGirl. Sorry.

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