France Gives Skinny Model Ban the Boot

We all applauded when the fine folks in Madrid banned models who looked like they were two meals shy of death from the runway, but apparently France missed the memo because it rejected a similar ban on super skinny models.

France will not ban skinny models from Paris catwalks but will introduce a voluntary charter to make the fashion industry more aware of the health risks of being very thin…

France urges care on skinny models but rejects ban

Okay, that smells like a cop out. But, the truth comes out a little later when it’s revealed that those uber-skinny models promoting luxury goods account for a huge portion of France’s exports.

While its understandable that some women are naturally skinny, it’s not too difficult to figure out those who are unhealthy; instead of allowing these walking advertisements for anorexia to influence young girls in the name of fashion, those models need to take their boney behinds to counseling. And it’s time the fashion industry finally took some responsibility for it, too.

3 Comments on France Gives Skinny Model Ban the Boot

  1. Jamie Says:

    Well said!!! And I’m not just syaing that because I’m a plus size model. :D

  2. Kristen Says:

    I can’t believe this! Applauding Madrid? Maybe you should be scolding the parents whose girls were influenced by super skinny models. It’s not the role of models or the fashion industry to make sure people have a healthy self-image. That’s up to parents to make sure their kids know they don’t have to wear a size 0. If real self confidence was instilled in our youth, none of this would have happened.
    Many of these models are old enough to make their own choices, and if they choose to starve themselves, then all the better for them. But don’t keep preaching about how horribly it has affected young girls around the world.

  3. Elisa G. Says:

    You don’t have children, do you, Kristen? It’s obvious from your little rant.

    Maybe you should have children, then try your hardest to instil a good self image in them and hope it sticks in the face of today’s media.

    Good luck.

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