Become a Cherished Plus Size Model

Cherished Woman Website Plus size women represent the average, everyday woman and should also be given an opportunity to show their beauty to the world, and agrees.

If you’re a model who meets the following requirements, then you can enter to become the next Cherished Woman for their online store. (more…)

5 Comments on Become a Cherished Plus Size Model

  1. Cherished Woman Says:

    Thank you for letting your readers know about the Cherished Model Search. The reason we don’t use size 12 models is that they look too skinny in pictures and don’t appear to be plus size to the full-figured consumer. We don’t mean to discriminate against size 12 models – but our customers like seeing models with more curves.

    Thank you again for posting about our model search!

    Nancy Baum

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    We know, Nancy and we understand the plight. We just think it’s a shame, that’s all. ;)

    If you should have any other upcoming model searches, contests, or opportunities, please be sure to let us know by dropping an e-mail to the editor or through the contact form.

  3. Ashley Says:

    This is an interesting debate, the poor size 12 ladies of the world, crazy when you consider this is possibly the most popular size of all! So, if you look at it like that, no one is catering for the majority of the population! I would agree though that they do not fit the profile of a plus size… Fresh Agents Models agency has many size 12 commercial models, I guess it all depends on how tall they are to go with it, if you are a 5’7 or over and a size 12 and are a commercial model or looking for one, you should check out

    If nothing else, perusing the the talent makes for an enjoyable coffee break!

  4. chinelo Says:

    i would love to model for your company. i am 17 and wear a 16 in jeans, my dress size is a 14.

  5. Linda Somuah Says:

    I’d like to be a plus-size model, but I’m 5ft. Is there any market for the petite, full-figure model?

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