Giant Magazine Advertising Campaign Disguised as a Modeling Contest

Giant Magazine Content Giant Magazine is holding a modeling contest, but we’re a bit suspicious that it’s just an advertising campaign disguised as a model search.

Why? Because contest entrants must be Giant Magazine subscribers for consideration — that means that entrants must spend money. Even though it’s a small sum (just under $8), it’s still money and there’s no guarantee you’ll win. If you’re already a subscriber, then no worries…mosey along and enter at your leisure.

GIANT is looking to launch YOU into the modeling world through a fashion spread in an upcoming issue. We want YOU to be styled by the best, made up by the best, and then shot by our world-renowned photographers. We want to find the BEST amateur model in the world!

So get that camera ready and send your best shots (1 headshot, 1 full-body) and the official entry form to us by Friday, June 15, 2007.

GIANT’s Celebrity Judges and the GIANT staff will narrow the field down to the top 16 men and 16 women. Then it’s up to YOU to choose the Grand Prize Winners who will win an exclusive photo spread in GIANT, and be given an exclusive microsite on!!

And remember, since we are looking for the hottest reader, you’ve got to be a GIANT print subscriber. But don’t worry! If you’re not one yet, click here to sign up for just $7.97!

To be more accurate, it’s not really a model search or contest, it screams “one day make-over for one of our readers” — you know the one, like we see every other week on Oprah or something. But who knows, maybe you’ll get noticed if you do happen to win and if you don’t, then you’ll have a subscription to a relatively obscure (if you’re not from NYC) magazine.

You can submit your entries online whenever you’re ready (as long as it’s before the deadline).

3 Comments on Giant Magazine Advertising Campaign Disguised as a Modeling Contest

  1. Angelo Says:

    I have a comment about the Giant magazine I want to be amodel contest. I could have sworn I read that the models chosen were going to be posted on July 2nd 07′, because I haven’t seen anything, and all the links to the contest that shows the rules are gone. So correct me if I am wrong, Thank You.

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Hi Angelo,
    According the the contest rules, it will be narrowed down to 16 men and 16 women and announced on the website July 16, 2007.

    Readers can then vote for their favorites beginning July 30, 2007 through August 3, 2007 when the final two will be announced.

  3. India Says:

    Well it is July 16 and they are still saying that the judges are narrowing it down. I think that if you tell everyone that it will be posted on a certain date, you should do so.

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