Hilary Duff Stuff Model Contest

Hilary Duff Model Content Hilary Duff is looking for the next little miss to model her tween clothing line. If you’re a Canadian little miss (or have a Canadian little miss) between the ages of 6 and 12, then take a moment to send in an entry — you’ll have until June 30, 2007. The winners will be revealed in July.

To enter the Hilary Duff Model Search 2007 submit two 4×6 photos along with a 50-word essay describing why you would make a great stuff by Hilary Duff model at any Zellers store or online at Zellers.com.

The winners will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Toronto, and take part in the ultimate Hilary Duff experience – including a shopping spree, a professional photo shoot with hair, makeup and clothing provided, and an exclusive meet-and-greet with Duff herself.

Hurry and get your entries in before the contest ends. You may just be the winner of some cool prizes.

30 Comments on Hilary Duff Stuff Model Contest

  1. Jessica Marr Says:

    Oh my gosh that sounds like the most funnest thing ever i would die if i won that it would be so awesome!!!!!!!! But i don’t think i can enter the contest because i am 14…that really sucks…if someone could e-mail me and let me know if i can still enter this contest please do so with this following e-mail address… [removed_for_privacy]. that you so much i hipe i can still enter this contest…i am tiny and i could be considered a little kid….oh please let me still enter….
    Love: Jessica Dawn Marr

  2. Another Model Resource Says:

    Sorry Jessica,
    The rules are clear — ages 6-12 only — so you won’t be able to enter the contest. Don’t worry, though, there will be other contests I’m sure.

  3. Meghan Says:

    my sister is going to enter the contest. which i think is a great idea however me and my friends were talking and we thought the Hilary Duff should of allowed 14 years olds to also enter. But oh well….

  4. Yara Says:

    Hello, I’m Yara, i am 10 and i was kind of hoping to enter, but the chances are liuke 1 out of a milillion, but oh well, it’s worth a try! ;). if you want to be a model you have to belive in yourself, and not be shy. you have to have faith! so that’s why i kind of wanna enter cas i am pretty short and tiny (NOT BRAGGING) and have fdaith

    so please pick moi!!


  5. Fern (A mom and Fan) Says:

    I agree with Meghan – the contest should be open to 14 year old girls as well. My daughter is 14 – 5’2″ and has dreamed of modeling but is too short. She is a huge fan of Hilary’s and would have loved to chance to enter this contest.

  6. Katie Says:

    Hi, I’m Katie. And I’m 14 years old and I would love to enter the contest, but I’m too old. Would there be a contest open to 13-15 year olds? I’m a big fan of Hilary!And I’m awaiting for a reply. Thank-you!

  7. Sherry Chow Says:

    Hey I’m 11 and i’m really hoping to join this contest and i do but like everyone says there are millions of girls dying to join and plus this is maybe the last tine for a chance in a life time my friends say i sing hilary duff and plus i don’t have stuff by duff clothing and i love love love hilary’s style i’m dying to get clothing by her hilary is awsome i’m asking will there be other contests like this because i’m hoping to meet hilary like i did in the bay please give me answers will there be othere contests like this i love to be a winner for once in my life to tell u the truth i never won like a worldwide contest before i really want to get in next year!! thxx

  8. Sherry Chow Says:

    will there be another contest like this?

  9. Sarah Says:

    I idolize Hilary she is a sweet kind girl! I want to be just like her as Canada’s sweet heart! :D

  10. kiara Says:

    Hi, my name is kiara ill soon be 11 and i alwaysed dreamed of modeling and im hoping to do it.

  11. Tyra Marley Says:

    Hi, my name is tyra. My friends and i have all entered the contest and are keeping our fingers crossed that we will get noticed. I really love clothes and could think of nothing more fun then getting to model them for Hilary Duff. Meeting her would be really really really really great…..did i say really????

    I’m waiting anxiously….

  12. yom Says:

    hi my name is yom majak and i am 11 years old and i would like to enter the contest.

    please email me back.

    thank you

  13. brittany Says:

    heyy heyy
    i enterd this contest and i really love hilary, but the thing is the chances are like 1 in a million!!! just wondering how are they judging like will rthey not pick me because i have braces??


  14. Madison B Says:

    well i think this contest is soooo exciting i entered and i hope you (hillary) like my entery for

  15. Sherry Chow Says:

    yay i sing like Hilary duff my friends says but i hope there are other contests including modeling, singing, dancing, and other i don’yt care as long as i get to join
    I LOVE YOU HILARY!!!!!!!!

  16. Makayla Tuck Says:

    have you picked a winner as yet??? we are so waiting to hear who the winners are

  17. b44 Says:

    i actually know who won on the western side!!!!
    it is my cousin…she recieved a letter and she won $1000 and a trip to toronto

  18. Danielle Says:

    I love you Hilary you have influenced me i nso many ways I always wanted to meet you and I think that you are an awesome singer!

  19. sexyme Says:

    I love everything about you you are such a great singer if i won I would be so happy!I have always dreamed of being a model do you have to be skiny cuz i’m 11 years old but i;m not very skinny!if I won I would also take advice from you on how to become slim and loose weight!

  20. tamara Says:

    i sing like u sooo much lucky i did the contest u are the best hillary I LOVE U SO MUCH HILARY

  21. Makayla Tuck Says:

    I am still awaiting an answwe!!! WHO WON FOR THE CANADIAN CONTEST?????

  22. Kathy K(mom) Says:

    My daughters entered the Hilary Duff Model search contest!Unfortunately we did not here from anyone on or around the July.11/07 notification day!No winner’s have been announced yet that I’m aware of!Have they been picked yet as scheduled or is the process behind a bit & we still have a chance!If they have been picked, when will they be announced&where! My girls can’t wait to know how they did!

  23. MAMA G Says:

    I’m a mother who entered her daughter into this Hillary Duff contest and I just want to know if you picked a winner yet.

    Thanks I’m a fan too!!!

    MaMa G

  24. MAMA G Says:

    Meaning! And I do agree there should be older contests, now that she is getting older.

  25. Makayla Tuck Says:

    Hi again, we are still waiting to hear or see who the winners are????

  26. Andrea Says:

    Just wondering if they are going to post the winners or not. Does anyone know. Hilary’s number 1 fan.

  27. Jessie Says:

    am the huge fan of hilary duff am her biggest fan of the world i love you hilary duff i can’t am just 12 year old anywas bye bye♥

  28. Hilary Duff Contest Winners Announced - Another Model Resource Says:

    […] of you have been anxiously awaiting the results of the Hilary Duff modeling contest, and finally, the wait is […]

  29. Alicia Says:

    Hey hilary i really wanna enter this contest cuz well i love modeling and pictures and stuff and not to brag but i have alot of confedance in myself, im 11 and hoping to get picked LUV YA LOTS

  30. justine Says:

    hey i was wondering if there will be another contest like this i think it’s a great oppurtinity for kids my age well g2g

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