Girlfriend Magazine Model Search (Aussies)

Girlfriend Magazine Model Search Calling all you lovely Aussies, Girlfriend Magazine is having a model search to find Australia’s next supermodel in the 2007 Girlfriend Schwarzkopf LIVEColour Model Search.

The contest is open to Australian residents over the age of 12, however, don’t think of entering if you have family on the inside. If you’re younger than 18, you’ll need parental (or guardian) consent, of course.

 The 2007 Girlfriend Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Model Search is one of Australia’s most prestigious modelling competitions and this year is guaranteed to be bigger and better than ever before! Everyone has the opportunity to make their dream a reality. That’s right, we want all types of girls, with any type of hairstyle, to enter, just as long as you think you have what it takes to succeed in the exciting and glamorous world of modelling!

Make sure that you take a moment to read and understand the conditions of entry before submitting your entry for consideration. Already done? Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself entered.

5 Comments on Girlfriend Magazine Model Search (Aussies)

  1. xxPeggyxx Says:

    Wish I was an Aussie! That contest looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Maddii Says:

    im entering looks lyk heaps of fun good luck to all the other gals entering hope you do well!! all the best

    maddi xoxo

  3. Maria Says:

    Hey everyone!!
    Im maria and i was the very lucky girl who won the 2007 Girlfriend Magazine Model Search.
    It was a great experience and just enetred for fun but loved it when i won!!
    Well a little about me:
    I have been modelling before at KidsModelling at the age of 12-14 and just thought i try out for the Model Search.
    I was bvery suprised when i got the call from the Girlfriend Magazine mangager one morning and was told of what i have won.

    Anyways Loved modellig for Girlfriend and now that i am 16 i am going to finish school and continue with my modeling career and hopefull become a teacher one day.

    Anyways Thanks Australia!!!!!
    Cya oxoxoxoxoxoxo MwAh!!!!!

  4. mAtCh-MaKeR Says:

    How come this has to be over in aussy, so wish i could enter theres no model compz in nz! any way good luck for all youz that are entering hope u have fun..xx

  5. mez Says:

    hahaha wtf!?? maria u think u won?? haha u loser! my friend won and thats not you maria!! haha you try hard wtf stop tryin so hard cos u didnt win a thing hunnyyyy

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