Ford Models Supermodel of the World Global Search

Models with a MySpace account, rejoice.

Ford Models and MySpace logos For the first time ever, Ford Models will partner with MySpace, the social networking giant, to host the Supermodel of the World Contest.

Previously, only models who could be scouted in person could enter, but this new development means that the contest will be accessible to a lot more models worldwide.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MySpace and Ford Models Inc. today announced an exclusive partnership to create the online destination for Ford Models Supermodel of the World™, Ford Models’ international model search that has spanned 50 countries annually since the 1980s. The search, which has discovered many industry stars including Chanel Iman, Liliane Ferrarezi, Nataliya Gotsii and Camilla Finn, will be open to applicants in any country around the world for the first time ever.

Until now, the competition only accepted applicants from countries and cities where Ford Models has scouts on the ground. Now, aspiring models in any city will be able to participate through the competition’s MySpace profile, where they can apply and interact with the agency, scouts and models already on Ford’s roster. Additionally, visitors to the site will have access to videos, editorials, blogs and other content created by Ford models, artists, photographers, agents and stylists. The Ford Models MySpace profile creates an unparalleled free exchange of ideas between people interested in fashion and professionals in the industry.

“By tapping into the MySpace community, Ford Models will be able to engage with millions of new faces and potential models quickly and without any geographic constrictions,” said Shawn Gold, SVP of Marketing for MySpace. “At the same time, MySpace users all over the world will get unprecedented access to the world’s most prestigious modeling agency.”

The Ford Models Supermodel of the World MySpace profile will provide users and contestants with the ability to track real-time progress and results of regional competitions across every country. Users can also access exclusive video content from the search as well as videos from Ford Models talent including fashion, fitness and beauty advice; inspiring stories from previous winners; and insider information from Ford’s stylists, photographers and model scouts. The profile and competition will launch in July 2007.

Read the full press release at BusinessWire

Expect the contest to roll out this July. Another Model Resource will keep you posted.

3 Comments on Ford Models Supermodel of the World Global Search

  1. Jasmine Says:

    I want to apply for the contest but I don’t know where the website is. can I have the link for it please?

  2. Julianna Says:

    I am sending you a composite of my daughter, Julianna, she just turned 11 years old. She ‘s a natural…….:)

  3. Another Model Resource Says:


    @Julianna: It would do you no good to send us the composite because we aren’t a modeling agency, simply an online magazine. You need to follow the contest rules and submit your entry through the proper channels.

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