Sponsored: Be Cute Without Being Cruel

This is just a friendly reminder that you can be cute without being cruel (to animals — no guarantees about other wannabe fashionistas).

Vegetarian Shoes and Handbags Homepage Vegetarian Shoes and Handbags has an entire stock 100% Vegan Shoes and Bags that are cute enough to die for (luckily, no cute and fuzzy animals need to).

The company aims to provide healthy products ranging from casual to elegant event shoes that are checked meticulously and found to be free of any products that contain leather, fur, wool or silk. And we must admit that we’re in love with the Vintage Mary Jane. Simply adorable.

Beyond their shoes, VS&H also has the most charming handbags and wallets that work for the day or night look. If you need something a bit bigger than their convenient tote purses, they also carry a nice selection of messenger bags as well. (Our favourite is the Divinity Bag by Satori.)

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