Naomi’s Past Will Come Back to Haunt Her

Naomi Campbell It seems that Naomi Campbell will receive no love when it comes to dredging up her past offenses against her various employees. In a recent ruling, the judge has said that it’s alright to bring in the testimony of Naomi’s past workers because it would be revelant to the case. (Yea, even we — not lawyers — could see how it’d be relevant.)

The British catwalker tried to block former maid Gaby Gibson from bringing up Campbell’s history of dust-ups with people who work for her, saying it was “scandalous and prejudicial.” But in a ruling published Wednesday, Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Michael Stallman said previous incidents could be admitted.

“Those alleged acts might be relevant to the issues of intent and the need for future deterrence,” Stallman wrote.

Gibson was “very happy” about Stallman’s ruling, said her lawyer, Lambros Lambrou.

Campbell’s Past Can Be Raise in Lawsuit

Frankly, this does’t bode well for Naomi because her attitude in the past has been…less than stellar. This is a great example of being careful what you say and do because it could come back to bite you in the ass.

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