A Pirate (Named Heidi Klum) Invades Germany’s Next Top Model

Heidi Klum wore a gaudy eye patch during an episode of Germany’s Next Top Model.

Yet Another Model Reality TV Show

TV Land is about to reveal a brand new reality show for models in the over 35 crowd.

Nnenna Takes The Early Lead for America’s Next Top Model

If you haven’t guessed it from reading last week’s entry on America’s Next Top Model, I’m favouring Nnenna for this season of ANTM. This week, she managed to steal the show again by winning the $5,000 shopping spree and taking yet another amazing picture. I’m starting to think she’s either: a) not a real person; […]

And America’s Next Top Model Is…

Nnenna. I absolutely love Nnenna and I’ll be rooting for her the entire season. She’s so androgynous – but in a very good, beautiful way. Slap some make up on her and she’s gorgeous, slap a beard and mustache on her and she’d probably be one sexy man. Amazing. But since we live in the […]

Apparently Imitation Is Still The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Well, it seems that a full blown trend is about to start here. I mentioned it yesterday, but when I saw a new show being promoted called Africa’s Next Super Model, it seemed like deja vu. This one is a little more obvious though – change the words Africa to America and Super to Top […]

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