Looking Hot Next Season

The next year is soon to be upon us and it’s imperative that you look your best for this upcoming season. Fashion faux pas do not for a successful model make. Or something like that. (I’m trying to sound wise here, help me out.) So, what can you do to ensure that you’ll be ready? […]

Naomi Campbell’s On a Mission

It was revealed that super model Naomi Campbell plans to open a modeling agency in her home town (Kenya) in an attempt to right the balance of black to white models in the industry. She declared her disdain for the practice of selecting white models over black models for various magazine covers. It’s almost as […]

Sponsored: Be Cute Without Being Cruel

This is just a friendly reminder that you can be cute without being cruel (to animals — no guarantees about other wannabe fashionistas). Vegetarian Shoes and Handbags has an entire stock 100% Vegan Shoes and Bags that are cute enough to die for (luckily, no cute and fuzzy animals need to). The company aims to […]

Hilary Duff Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the Hilary Duff Stuff modeling contest has been announced.

France Gives Skinny Model Ban the Boot

France decides not to ban ultra skinny models from the runways.

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