Naomi’s Past Will Come Back to Haunt Her

It seems that Naomi Campbell will receive no love when it comes to dredging up her past offenses against her various employees. In a recent ruling, the judge has said that it’s alright to bring in the testimony of Naomi’s past workers because it would be revelant to the case. (Yea, even we — not […]

Naomi Campbell’s On a Mission

It was revealed that super model Naomi Campbell plans to open a modeling agency in her home town (Kenya) in an attempt to right the balance of black to white models in the industry. She declared her disdain for the practice of selecting white models over black models for various magazine covers. It’s almost as […]

Petra’s Another Year Older

Petra Nemcova, Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model, turns a stunning 28 today, but doesn’t look a day over 18.

The Shocking Has Happened, Kate Moss Announces Fashion Line

Kate Moss finally surprises the world by following through and launching her clothing line.

A Pirate (Named Heidi Klum) Invades Germany’s Next Top Model

Heidi Klum wore a gaudy eye patch during an episode of Germany’s Next Top Model.

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