Develop A Top Model Mindset

Tips for developing a top model mindset.

8th & Ocean – A New Obsession In The Making

Just caught MTV’s new show called 8th & Ocean and it looks like it’s going to be *ouch* HOT. I missed the initial premier of the show (oops…didn’t even have it written in my planner), but luckily MTV understands people can be absent minded and they are showing it about a billion more times over […]

Treat Yourself To A Facial

Your skin deserves to be pampered. Learn how you can give yourself a high class facial without leaving your home.

It’s Nice To Know Someone Cares About Our Teens

With our everchanging society views of what’s acceptable and what’s not, our teenage girls may develop some unhealthy ideals about their body and their images. One magazine is trying to change that.

Models Aren’t Invincible

Caution and care always needs to be taken when you’re starting out in the modeling industry. Heck, caution and care needs to be taken when you’re going through life, period. But recently a model was brutally attacked and murdered very near to her own home. A pretty 18-year-old model who described herself as the “happiest […]

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