Who Needs Cold Hard Cash? Pics Are Just As Good

Be careful you don’t get taken for a ride by designers hoping to get some free talent for their shows.

Agency Desires Change From Season To Season

What the agencies are looking for varies from season to season and for many different reasons. If you don’t feel you have the look today, you may be surprised to find you have the look tomorrow.

UK Observer Fashion Editor Does Some Q & A

When you need a little smile in your life and some hope in your heart, take a moment to learn whether or not there is a swimsuit fora 70 year old, how tall you really need to be in order to model, and how not to make your friends laugh with your fashion sense.

Truly Never Too Old To Model

Inspirational article of a 42 year old model chosen as a finalist in a model search worth over $100,000

Advice For America’s Next Top Model Casting Call

The t.v. show’s casting director gives some advice for aspiring models who want to audition for the America’s Next Top Model television show.

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