Sponsored: Be Cute Without Being Cruel

This is just a friendly reminder that you can be cute without being cruel (to animals — no guarantees about other wannabe fashionistas). Vegetarian Shoes and Handbags has an entire stock 100% Vegan Shoes and Bags that are cute enough to die for (luckily, no cute and fuzzy animals need to). The company aims to […]

It’s Time to Take a Breather

Even models (and aspiring models) need to take a vacation every now and again. Now, if you already know all the right people in all the right places, you may even be treated like royalty when you arrive. Of course, that’s probably going to happen anyway if you book everything properly.

Time for Another Vacation

What does a model need to maintain that lovely figure, face, and skin? If you haven’t yet guessed it, it’s ample rest and relaxation. That’s right, now you have an excuse to go on those Hawaiian vacations you’ve been crooning over for the past ten (or more) years. Not only will you be getting your […]

Mobile Marketing to Bars and Clubs

It’s time to expand your marketing horizons. SMS Text Mobile Marketing, a new service now allows you to get your message to the people who matter most to your business. SMS Text Mobile Coupon Marketing is also an available service and they even offer Text-To Win a Contest or Voting. The sendaword.com program is utilized […]

Do Your Part for Our Furry Friends While Looking Fly

We’re almost certain that you woke up today and thought to yourself, “Self, what can I do to help my furry friends and stop animal cruelty?” If not, then now’s probably a good time to ponder the question because of what we’re about to show you…

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