Apparently Imitation Is Still The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Well, it seems that a full blown trend is about to start here. I mentioned it yesterday, but when I saw a new show being promoted called Africa’s Next Super Model, it seemed like deja vu. This one is a little more obvious though – change the words Africa to America and Super to Top […]

America’s Next Top Model Rip (Miss Seventeen)

I knew it was bound to happen. We see it all the time with the regular manufacturers and cable networks, so I knew it was only a matter of time before it actually happened to America’s Next Top Model. It’s been so successful (I believe it’s been a lot more successful than anyone expected) that […]

2005 Fashion!Dallas/Kim Dawson Model Search Results Are In

The winners of the 2005 Fashion!Dallas/Kim Dawson Model Search have been chosen. After some 7,000 readers cast their votes, Ali Michael and Kennard Hendricks were chosen from a group of 55 finallists whittled down from 2,000. That’s not too shabby for two people who haven’t even finished high school yet. Though some of the other […]

oooooo Rimmel Goodies – UK Models, Get Cute

You know about Rimmel Cosmetics right? Well, it seems they are sponsoring a model search looking for the next Kirsty Hume. Rimmel will be giving away limited edition goodie bags filled with costmetics, beauty products, a Hooch halter top and chunky belt. TOP model scouts will be in Glasgow next week with the Sugar / […]

Let’s Be Real For A Moment

Let me be frank for a moment. We are responsible for our self and our own actions. If we do something we know is wrong, we must accept the unpleasant consequences as we would accept the pleasant consequences when we do something right. With the recent flurry of news over the Kate Moss drug scandal, […]

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