New Zealond New Faces Model Search

Westfield Style Pasifika is seeking some new faces for their model search this year.

Westfield Style Pasifika is one of the largest indigenous cultural fashion events in the world, and New Zealands foremost Pacific fashion extravaganza. It is an event, which blends Pacific-inspired fashion, music and dance into a spectacular 2-hour showcase. With international interest now growing in all things Pacific, Westfield Style Pasifika highlights the fashion and entertainment talent that makes this region of the world so special.

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America’s Next Top Model Visits South Florida

If you’re hot and think you have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model and you’ll be in South Florida on July 9 2005 then head over to Hollywood and don’t forget to bring a couple photos and your personality.

You may also want to learn on up on past episodes to see what you may be in for if you do make it past the first cut. Keep reading »

Become The Next Video Game Modeling Diva

Sony Entertainment is looking for their next Antonia. The contest is about finding just the right girl to portray their sexy vixen video game character.

The winning model will receive a spread in Stuff Magazine, a $10,000 modeling contract, and a 1 year subscription to Stuff Magazine.

If you’re 21 and over, have a penchant for video games (or just want to play a video game dame), and live in the United States, head over the official website, read the rules and enter.

So You Want To Be A Glamor Model

Glamour modeling can be glamorous, however, you need to be secure in your appearance and have a good physique, not only that, but you also need to be 18 years or older.

Glamour modeling can involve quite a bit of nudity or semi-nudity, however, it is not to be confused with pornography. If you really want to get technical, it can be considered a kind of “soft core” porn, but the good news is, it’s not a form of degradation.

But not to worry, glamour modeling isn’t generally considered dirty or raunchy. Glamour modeling is a form of artistic expression although it does involve nudity.

Now, before you run out and decide to become a glamour model, it’s a good idea to do a little research beforehand. While it’s always a good idea to research the modeling agency and photographer, but you want to make sure to do a little extra ground work when it involve nudity.

While you my be comfortable with your body, you may not know how the agency, contractor, or photographer will use those pictures in the future unless you ask the up front and get it in writing first.

Are Your Curves In All The Right Places? Then Why Not Enter To Be The Next Model of The Month?

Embrace your beautiful diva-ness by entering to become the next curvy model of the month[1] at Venus Divas. Not only is it an opportunity to get your name and face out there, it’s also an opportunity to let the world know that small models aren’t the only models.

You’ll need to create an online portfolio in order to participate and the contest ends on the 5th of every month. Head over there now and don’t miss your oppotunity.

[1] – The original link returns a page not found error, so the link has been updated to point to the Venus Diva Models homepage. You will need to contact them if you have any questions about future plus size modeling contests.

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